ECEMF will bring together the community of European energy and climate modellers and policy makers, the data, scenarios and the tools and build the digital infrastructure needed, and apply them to an exciting research programme focussed on climate neutrality. These activities will generate the required coherent scientific evidence base and communicate the insights to accelerate progress towards policy goals, inform the implementation of measures at the national and European level while removing barriers to participation, and championing transparency and openness.

The key concepts of the proposal revolve around:

  1. A critical mass of Energy and Climate Models
  2. Building on projects that compare models, data, scenarios and results
    1. Method oriented projects
    2. International climate policy projects
  3. Leveraging our links to key international networks
    1. Energy Modelling Forum (EMF)
    2. Integrated Assessment Modelling Consortium (IAMC)
    3. International Energy Workshop (IEW)
    4. Energy Modelling Platform for Europe (EMP-E)
  4. The IAMC data template as a common standard to unify efforts and remove barriers to model comparison
  5. Research themes aligned with policy goals
    1. The ECEMF research programme covers multiple sectors and scales with one overarching theme “Transition to climate neutrality” and four topical themes: Role of demand side and efficiency; Role of electricity infrastructure; Role of societal and behavioural trends; EU climate and energy policy in the global context

To realise our concept for a community of European energy and climate modellers and a place-to-go to
generate coherent and robust policy insights we adopt 3 methodological pillars: stakeholder engagement, research activities & infrastructure development.