ECEMP Special Issues

As it has been the tradition with previous editions of the EMP-E conference, we have continued to invite presentations at the ECEMP conferences (and participants or contributions on the topics of each year’s event) to contribute to Special Issues in international scientific journals.
The ECEMP 2022 has published two special issues, which are still in progress of processing submissions, but have already published ten articles. One SI has been published in Energy Strategy Reviews, and one in Open Research Europe.

List of papers:

Energy Strategy Reviews

Open Research Europe

For this year’s ECEMP 2023, we are happy that we have reached an agreement with a new journal in the family of IOPScience journals (known for Environmental Research Letters and many other outlets) for a special issue in their new journal Environmental Research: Energy. The scope matches well the energy focus but in a broader environmental and climate area of research of the ECEMP. Moreover, this new journal is full open access, and for the first years, does not have APC charges (Platinum Open Access) for authors. The Call for Papers will be published early October.