EMP-E 2017

EMP-E Conference 2017

The EMP-E 2017 meeting was organised as part of the REEEM Project

May 17-18th 2017

at the Headquartes of European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation


Keynote speeches by the European Commission at EMP-E 2017 provided guidelines and resources to the platform:

  • EU Reference Scenario 2016 (DG Energy) – a transparent and comprehensive scenario and data base for EU models;
  • POTEnCIA (DG JRC) – an open model to address EU energy scenarios, paving the way to openness and transparency in EU modelling;
  • JRC-IDEES (DG JRC) – an Integrated Database of the European Energy Sector.
Source: Reiner Lemoine Institut. Licensed under: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

EMP-E 2017 Resources

Find here the Home Page of the EMP-E 2017 meeting and a selection of resources:

EMP-E 2017 Scientific Committee

Andreas Zucker, European Commission – Joint Research Centre
Estathios Peteves, European Commission – Joint Research Centre
Jan Ole Kiso, European Commission – Directorate General for Energy
Patrick van Hove, European Commission – Directorate General for Research and Innovation
Dogan Keles, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Luis-Javier Miguel, Universidad de Valladolid
Jordi Sole Olle, Spanish National Research Council – CSIC
Gustav Resch, Technical University Wien
Ulrich Fahl, Institute of Energy Economics and Rational Energy Use, University of Stuttgart
Berit Müller, Reiner Lemoine Institute
Kenneth Karlsson, Technical University of Denmark
Ilkka Keppo, University College London
Mark Howells, Royal Institute of Technology – KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Georgios Avgineropoulos, Royal Institute of Technology – KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Fancesco Gardumi, Royal Institute of Technology – KTH Royal Institute of