ECEMP 2024

ECEMP 2024

Energy Transition Scenarios for a Climate Neutral Europe

October 2024 (day tbd), Brussels and online

Key policy measures and innovations for 2030 – 2040, prioritizing infrastructure investments, implementation barriers, and insights from modelling intercomparison in energy-climate transition analyses.

ECEMP 2024 is on! Reaching climate neutrality will require large-scale deployment of renewable energy
technologies, improving energy efficiency, and strengthening energy security. This demands significant
investment in energy infrastructure and incentivizing innovation in the Energy Transition. Energy and climate
models offer valuable insights to chart a path towards a carbon-neutral future.

ECEMP 2024 is dedicated to showcasing the latest policy-relevant findings derived from analyses of climate and
energy models. The event also serves as a meeting point to discuss latest research trends in developing collaborative modelling exercises. The scope and thematic areas of the event include (not limited to):

  • Realizing the 2040 targets: What policy measures and innovations should be accelerated? What major investments and PCIs are imminent?
  • Latest trends, assessments and definitions of Energy Transition scenarios, how do we reach European climate targets?
  • Comparing modelling frameworks for better implementation: How to compare results between models?
  • Developing detail energy and climate models in space and time, but also need to have more sectoral detail, e.g., sectoral targets (grid expansion, H2, etc)
  • Inter-comparison among models, how to standardize the visualization of different models?
  • Broadening approach to modelling: circular economy, socio economic and behaviour aspects,
  • Assessing model implementation of different targets: Developing common metrics across models, input data harmonization and common standards
  • Understand and showcase the distributional implications of the model implementation

ECEMP 2024 is organized by various EU funded projects under the Horizon Europe programme, DGs at the
European Commission and other initiatives. The active participation of these projects makes ECEMP 2024
possible. The main projects organizing and leading ECEMP 2024 under a joint effort are the following

ECEMP 2024 will be a hybrid event, featuring segments dedicated to policy-relevant research results as well as
in-depth discussions on the latest trends in modelling development. The event will be online with few
hybrid sessions.

ECEMP Organizing Committee: Pedro Crespo del Granado (Chair), Sebastian Zwickl Bernhard (Co-chair), Tars
Vershelde (co-Chair), Juha Kiviluoma (Co-chair), and Johannes Emmerling (co-chair). For further information please contact us at:

The Call for papers is now open

We invite you to submit your abstracts for papers and posters to contribute to the ECEMP 2024 Conference (link).

We encourage paper/extended abstract submissions which fit our overarching day themes:

  • Day 1: Key insights and facts from modelling results for current policy relevant issues
  • Day 2: Model development, model intercomparison, Energy-Climate model extensions, detail sector models or analyses.

The submission portal and the guidelines for abstracts can be found here. Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and your contribution will be sent to one of our review teams. Here the timeline:

  • 1 July: Deadline for abstract/paper submissions
  • 15 August:  Acceptance Notifications
  • 22 September: Final registration
  • October: ECEMP Event
  • January 15th (2025): Deadline for the full paper (Special issue in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews)

Co-organising Projects