ECEMP 2022 Call for Skill Workshops

The deadline for the skills workshop submission is the 30th June 2022

Skills workshop descriptions can be submitted via e-mail. Please compile the following description template and send it to:

This year, the overarching topic is: Acting on the ambitions to a net-zero EU: roadblocks, challenges and opportunities.

We encourage skill workshop submissions which fit the following sub-themes:

  • Introductory skill workshops: These skills workshops should be aimed at master’s or early PhD students that are taking a first approach to the field. Especially interesting topics are skill workshops related to the introduction to energy system models / integrated assessment models, energy systems analysis, scenario design, model categorisation, hand-on sessions on specific models, etc.
  • Advanced skill workshops: These skills should be aimed at researchers that already know the field but wanted to get a new perspective on the modelling. Especially interesting topics are skill workshops related to multi-physics models, models with high spatio-temporal resolution, new market approaches, integration of energy demand and supply, going from optimization to simulation models, integration of human behaviour and other non-market equilibrium paradigms in the models, modelling policy interventions, integration of climate change impacts on energy system models, incorporation of new clean technologies (H2, BECCS), etc.
  • Soft skill workshops: With other non-technical but often as important or more than the technical skills such as: how to communicate results to different target audiences, how to organise a co-creation activity, what legal aspects should be taken into consideration, ethics, gender, and social impact modelling, etc.